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Now you’re probably here because you have a hard time picking the right proxy provider. You are in luck, with this review I will cover everything you need to know before purchasing. It’s also important to know the type of proxies and the risk involved with using proxies. Ill make sure to cover everything in this article for you. In this article we will discuss everything you need to know before purchasing.

  • The price of the proxies
  • The difference between Dedicated/private and public proxies
  • Ping test (so how fast it will be) 
  • Myths about proxies

The Difference Between Dedicated and Public Proxies.


Dedicated/Private Proxies Public Proxes
More expensive ($1 or $2 each) Cheap sometimes free ($0.50 or free)
More secure Very dangerous to use
Anonymous No anonymity
Fast Slow
Used by you only Used by hundreds of people.
Has more support Support is non existent.


The Truth between Dedicated and Private Proxies.

Now for you to better understand what i mean. You need to look at this analogy, when you have a private proxy its like being on a bus by yourself and you’re the driver. Now, with public ones its a bus full of people you don’t know,who are dirting it up and being loud making a mess and generally ruining the experience for everyone else. This is important to understand that when you use public proxies you are at huge risk for many viruses. It also could be used by that one person who is spending all their time using it and doing many bad things with it.

A huge risk with public proxies is that when you log into them. The owner of the proxy has a field day on your computer they literally could install viruses on your computer since you allowed direct connection. It’s important that if you are worried for your online security that you never log into public proxies. This is why private proxies are only bought by marketers because they need the privacy on their projects and can’t afford to have random people screwing up the connections.

The Ping test (Most important part of the article)

Here is why is so important that you only buy proxies with proper ping scores.

  • Amount of time it takes to connect to site
  • Best way to find out the quality of the proxy
  • It shows if its really worth the money or not

Now I purchased 10 private proxies from highproxies.com and its ping score was great below is my test since i tried it with 10 private proxies. so I’m very happy on my investment. Now an important thing to know about ping score is that when you use private proxies you are putting a barrier between you and the site. Look at it like this, you have a cup of water and you try to bring it to the other cup and the amount of time it takes is the ping score. Now there’s many things that determine the ping score things like how far you are away from the proxy and then how far away the proxy is from the site you want to connect to. Its important to know that if you spend money on a private proxy it has to have a great ping score because since they are more expensive it would be a tragedy to spend money on proxies for them to be useless(happened to me a lot)  (MS means milliseconds)


Proxy Ping score
#1 64.724ms
#2 63.936ms
#3 63.589ms
#4 37.598ms
#5 5.019ms
#6 23.735ms
#7 64.847ms
#8 63.656ms
#9 63.798ms
#10 40.370ms


Myths About Proxy Servers.

That private proxies are used by others- This honestly depends on the company selling the proxies. Since the internet can allow any joe to open up a website and start selling the issue comes on the ethical practices of a proxy provider. I had one time purchased cheap proxies from a random provider and got 15 of the same proxy and they were all marked with spam. I checked them using wireshark and see tons of other ips on it. This company had the courage to sell me public proxies he scraped from a random site. So this could easily be combated by using proxy provider with a proven track record(also important to read reviews about them)

That the distance doesn’t matter at all- This is a broad statement for many reason but to better understand what i mean. So naturally, proxies slow down the internet connection. Imagine it as a hose with water flowing and the distance of the hose is from one room to another it will naturally take longer than leaving the hose right in front of you. Since the proxy slow it down to distance plays a big role.

That public proxies are great if you have a low budget –  Public proxies are a bad idea to use at all for many many reasons. I already explained why but it’s important to get this ingrained into your head. With public proxies you have no idea at all whos connecting to the internet with you so that means someone who a little tech savvy needs to understand that when you connect to a public proxy you are at their mercy. This means they could very easily hack you and cause financial harm. I googled online how easy and there is literally step by step instructions to hack someone by giving them a public proxy.

The Different Proxy Plans at Highproxies.com

For the quality I got and the price I paid i was amazed by the cost of these proxies and what I got in return. I was not at any time disappointed at all, you will be very happy buying these proxies below are the different plans.


Price Amount of proxies
$2.30 1
$11.50 5
$22.00 10
$40.00 20
$85.00 50
$168.00 100
$329.00 200
$745.00 500
$1400.00 1000


You should have all you need to make a purchase as someone who spends time online and using proxies. This provider for its price is awesome when I was using it was flawless. My accounts ran with no problem at all so im very happy with the over all experience.


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