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Safety on Internet is becoming a concern of the masses. With the increase in the number of hackers, sniffers and spammers, our data is at great risk. Doing your work is online now need to be coupled along with protecting our work from these bad people online. This protection of our data, needs extra attention from our side. Now most of you may not have time to protect your data, as you might already be burdened with a lot of work.  TorGuard VPN is a tool that can do this task for you and reduce your burden. This tool will help you significantly in using your Internet Safely.

Things we do Online and How TorGuard Helps us:


We Send Emails: Emails are the paper work of the modern world. We send and receive a lot of emails. Some of these emails contains sensitive information that you don’t want to get revealed. But yes, It is always at risk, if you don’t do anything about it. A mere password can’t protect you emails and session hijacking tools used by hacker might give them access to your mails.

To Prevent this from happening you could use Anonymous Email service provided by TorGuard VPN. It is a free service with a data limit of 10MB. Mails sent using this service are encrypted. This prevents your data to get leaked. You could remove the data limit on mail storage by buying a subscription which would cost you 5.33$/month and even less (4.16$/month) if you buy the subscription for entire year.

We Surf Websites: We surf a lot of websites. Some of these websites are malicious. They try to get our IP address and other information about our computer system to better hack our system or hijack a session of a social media site. You can secure yourself from such malicious site by using Anonymous VPN service provided by TorGuard.  It costs only 9.95$ a month and give you unlimited speed along with unlimited bandwidth. It is easy to setup on all OS and gives you access to 6000+ IP address to protect you original IP address from hackers.

We use Torrents:- Most you guys might be using torrent to share files. But do you know that, you could get a harrowing letter from your ISP on high use of torrent applications. You also need to protect your identity from torrent monitoring groups. All this can easily be done with a trusted Torrent VPN service. TorGuard Provides you with both, a manual to configure your torrent or download a pre-configured torrent application to protect you identity while using torrents.


  • 24x7x365 customer Support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 256 bit encryption
  • Anonymous e-Mail service
  • Free Viscosity Software and TorGuard Lite
  • SSH tunneling
  • Stealth Server
  • 3000+ Servers all accross the world
  • 6000+ IP to choose from and hide your original IP address
  • Complete manual to configure your torrent application
  • Pre-configured torrent application available
  • No-logs VPN service
  • And I you can read the TorGuardVPN Review to know more about their service.


Torguard do a lot of things online, we visit websites, send mails. Some websites are malicious, some mails are very important and you want them to be delivered securely. You would also not like to receive a harrowing letter from you ISP. To make all the above things possible, you need to secure yourself online and use a powerful Online security tool. And I consider TorGuard VPN service to be the best suited for this purpose.

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