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Mexela Pros and Cons

Cheap No live chat
Unlimited Bandwidth
Multiple Locations
Easy to get new proxies

I purchased proxies from the site now before we even get started to reviewing the proxies you have to understand many things.

The most important thing is the difference between private and public proxies. Now imagine a house, a house just for you to do whatever you want. Now imagine a house, filled with random people, dirtying it up for no reason, people being loud, etc.

I used that analogy because with public proxies they are like an open house that anyone and I mean anyone. They could simply just go in whenever they want and screw it up. This is why if you are doing a serious project its best to always use private proxies. Below is a graph showing the different perks of a private and public proxy.


Ping/Speed Test.  



1 6.452
2 29.654
3 64.099
4 7.111
5 31.139


What I will be reviewing for you guys is the Mexela dedicated proxies. I purchased 5 seperate ones to test the ping and other aspects just for you guys.

What the ping is how long it takes for you to get to the site you want to be on. It’s so important because to better understand what I mean let’s say you have circles different sizes. Next you try each of these out on the hose and some of them are very tiny and barely any water comes out while some tons come out fast. The smaller ones are the high ping proxies and you have to avoid these. No one wants to spend money on useless slow proxies, so be careful on which proxies you buy!


Now this is probably the most important part of the article if a lot of you guys are conscious on where you spend your money this article is for you! You have to understand that private proxies will be more expensive no matter what. They still are cheap for whatever you need them for so its ok to spend the extra cents but it’s important you do because when you use private proxies it secures you way better.

The proxy provider I’m reviewing has great quality for its price I wouldn’t recommend anything else for a variety of projects from just using netflix to massive instagram operations. If I was looking to run high scale automation on instagram I would for sure purchase this package because using the proxies it was flawless.

Proxies from are cheap here are their prices.

$10 5
$20 10
$40 20
$70 40
$100 60
$130 80
$150 100
$290 200
$650 500


After carefully reviewing these proxies my conclusion is that these proxies are ready for any job. It is perfect for any project of yours from basic youtubing to highscale instagram operation. You should not be afraid to purchase these proxies if you read this whole review it has everything you need to decide, do I need this? If you are still indecisive I have reviews on other providers if you still need a provider.

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