Remote work has been a phenomenon since the past many years now. The dispersed workplace has been more common for at least a decade and a half, especially in organizations that have people in the field across states and territories.

Whether circumstances dictate that one or more users work from home or it may simply be convenient to be able to work on-the-go, it is important to have a strong data protection in place that provides optimal security for the information that you share online as well as for those that stay at rest.

Whatever the requirements may be, a robust data security for corporate networks and small business networks is a critical factor to plan for ahead of time.

The Virtual Private Network

For those looking for a VPN to use with simple operational needs like connecting to a single machine remotely, a VPN may not be necessary. However, operations that require and, most importantly, depend on remote workforce, would be best taken care of by having a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in place.

At its most basic level, a VPN enables a computer out of a network to connect to the network in much the same way as it were in the same building. The computer thus connected will then have direct access to all internal resources.

Benefits to Corporations and Companies

A full VPN may be a better idea for corporations, small business enterprises, and enterprises at a larger scale with the following structures:

  • PPTP, L2TP IPSEC And SSL/SSTP Protocols Supported.
    • Who have employees overseas and want to overcome blockades by using geo-targeting and wish to enjoy the benefits of an Internet service as a free and independent medium to connect with the world.
    • Where overseas employees are based and companies do not wish to disclose the exact location of their operations to third parties.
    • Where Internet access is subject to strict unlawful rules and regulations.
    • Where organizations wish to set up limited access to resources on their internal network.
    • Can’t find your purpose listed? Search the “Secure Remote Access VPN solution” online.
    • Where greater information security is a critical requirement.

Features of VPNs for Corporations and Enterprises

Some of the features of VPNs for corporations and enterprises are as follows:
• Easy Setup
• Compatibility
• Everything Setup And Configured By Our Networking Staff. You Get It “Ready-To-Use”
• Connection Protocols (Supported Protocols Include PPTP, L2TP IPSEC And SSL/SSTP)
• Work From Anywhere
• Networks Available In Many Countries Around The World, including US, US, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, Singapore, Luxembourg, Ireland, Malaysia and Russia.
• Speed! Unrestricted Speed With 10,000 GB Bandwidth Per Month
• Dedicated Servers! Dedicated (Non-Shared) Secure Connection Server, Setup Only For Your Organizational Use.

VPN for corporations, small businesses, and enterprises is a valuable offering that people and business owners should carefully consider. The more the protocols supported, the better the VPN service. But do delve beyond the protocols, and look deeper into the options available.

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